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Shmyah’s Podcast Blueprint

Podcast: “Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie”

Title Episode : “Permanent Visitors”

Episode One Liner:  “Are you from New York even ?”  “Permanent Visitors” takes a look at the recent upsurge of  NYC residents who have only just moved to the “Big Apple”, and whether it threatens or enriches the city’s culture?

Podcast One Liner:   In a time where everything in our society has become so intensely bilateral, “Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie” offers is a safe space for some very uncomfortable conversations and perspectives.

Interview Questions:

  • What attracted you to NYC?
  • What been your experience in NYC
  • Do you think the pandemic caused the upsurge
  • What are the five boroughs? Have you been to all ?
  • Do you think the NYC transplant is the cause of Gentrification ?
  • Do you think that Locals and Transplants share the
  • Does the rising non native population threaten true NYC culture
  • How long would you say you have to live here to be considered a New Yorker?
  • Does the nyc native push back contradict the NYC “ Motto” of inclusion, diversity and safe spaces, considering its home of so many immigrants and built communities


“Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie ” is a podcast that discusses the unpopular, controversial, and opposing opinions of today’s society . The “Permanent Visitors” episode is for New Yorkers who are experiencing the city through a hybrid community of both natives and non natives. New York City has always been attractive to newcomers.  But in recent years the non native population has become a dominating force in NYC culture, creating tension between the groups despite them residing amongst each other.  Unlike social media discourse on the Transplant crave,  our podcast takes a look into the culture and experiences of the two residents and their claim to New York.
Episode:  My motive for the episode is to examine the new transplant culture of NYC and how it has impacted the experiences and dynamics of being a “New Yorkers”. I hope to educate non natives on their ubiquitous influence and urge natives to be more open. Maybe ? In general, I would like the episode to be a diffuser to the heated divide. My primary audience would be NYC residents. Regardless of origins, I think that anyone who currently lives in New York City should engage with the topic of the episode because it is something that interacts with all of our experiences within the city. I think that there is a cultural divide between native and non native New Yorkers , therefore everyone would benefit from at least hearing the other side . Also, there might be some new yorkers who aren’t even aware that this is currently happening in their city, therefore it could educate many New Yorkers. My secondary audience would be the non- native residents in other urban areas. This isn’t just an NYC issue. Many other urban and metropolitan areas have seen an increase in residents of other states relocating to those communities. Surely, there is some level of  disconnect for the natives and newcomers. They would be a target audience for the episode. My main interviewee for the episode would be my friend Stella Mboma, who is from Texas by way of Minnesota. She moved to NYC for Undergrad at NYU and has been in the city for a little over a year now. Another possible interviewee could be a New York native. It would be good to offer the perspective of the trend, who has known and grown up in Nyc. Some sound design that I can use is the sound of the MTA trains ,the sounds of the busy city streets, and news sound bites about the NYC population and economy.

Velasco Blueprint

Blueprint: Unlacing Our Shoes is a podcast focused on answering a question that humanizes athletes, challenging the audience and interviewees to think beyond the surface level. The focus will be on a specific broad question that jumps head first into a rabbit hole pertaining to each individual athlete’s answers.

Title: Unlacing Our Shoes

One Liner for Episode: Holden Velasco and Queens College men’s basketball player, Jayden Seraphin, explore how losing their mother in youth affected their approach to athletics.

One Liner for Podcast: Challenging the audience and interviewees to think about the psychological aspect of athletics, not just the entertaining end result.

Interview Questions:

  1. How was your relationship with your mother?
  2. When did you lose her and how did you feel in the following months?
  3. In the immediate games after, did you think about her on the court at all?
  4. In the immediate practices after, were you able to focus like you did before?
  5. Did her passing affect your mindset in any way?
  6. Did that enact a change in your training regime?
  7. Do you do anything to honor her in your athletics in any way?
  8. What about in every day life?
  9. Do you think about her on the court at all today? Why do you think that is or isn’t the case?
  10. If you could speak to an athlete who lost their mother today, what would you say to them?

Blueprint: A Little Bit of Everything and Anything with G (Grazelle-2/21)

Title: A Little Bit of Everything and Anything with G

Blueprint Background: A Little Bit of Everything and Anything with G is a podcast that targets the idea of life in general. This includes people of all ages and generations. This is a deep dive into what we can learn from each other at any time and place. The world is constantly evolving, and this podcast is the root to keep an open mind for everything and anything. 

Target/Audience: All ages(gen x-gen z, maybe even generation alphas) 

Setting/Sound/Background: This interview would take place at a comfortable area,perhaps sitting on the table and drinking coffee, or sitting at a couch. 

Music Background: Soft Jazz music or instrumental piece for the intro

“Episode One Liner” for the Episode: For this episode, Grazelle(G) will be discussing the career and life choices that made them become the person they are today.  

More Information: 

For this interview, I’ll be interviewing a soon-to-be graduate, Paula, who will be graduating as an Early Childhood Education/Special Education teacher. I thought that this first episode should start about educators/teachers since they are,after-all, what influences most of our childhood in school.  Paula is also currently working as a teacher to young kids and is pursuing her interest towards that goal. For this interview, we will discuss the benefits, the struggles and why teaching became a career choice for her. 

“One Liner” for the Series: A little bit of everything and anything with G offers various topics for all listeners to enjoy and learn about one another. I want this podcast to be a place where all listeners can relate to. A podcast where each episode is a new topic, a new genre and a new set of ideas. 


  • Did you always want to become a teacher? 
  • What sparked your interest in becoming an educator/teacher? 
  • Were there times when you regret teaching and hoped for a different career instead?
  • Be honest, do you really love kids or did you choose that career for the ‘benefits’?
  • What was your “First Day Of Teaching” like? Was it how you expected? Or Worse?
  • I know working with kids is not easy, especially their attention span, so how do you manage to have them listen to you or keep their attention only to you? 
  • As a teacher, do you believe in standardized tests? Why or why not?

Blueprint (Carlos)

Title: The Aftermath

Episode One Liner: In this episode Queens College senior Carlos Montoya discusses the aftermath the pandemic and it’s affect on Queens College’s students.

One Liner for the series: QC senior investigates how the pandemic affected Queens College students in the year after the college reopened.

More info: I’m interested in investigating how the pandemic has affected students and staff at Queens College. To do so, I’m going to interview a counselor for the Queens College counseling center to learn more the trends in how students seek counseling at the college.


How many years have you been a counselor at Queens College?

How many students do you see on a daily basis?

How many students did you see after the college reopened.

(If the number of students seeking counselor increased, what do you think led to an increase in the students seeking services?)

How did counseling services operate during the pandemic?

Were students seeking counseling during the pandemic?

How did Queens College response to meeting student needs after the pandemic?

What services should students know about that are available to them now if anyone needs support?

How did CUNY respond to the pandemic?

How can students feel less apprehensive about seeking counseling services?

Why do you think some students are apprehensive about seeking mental health services?

BluePrint : Thoughts of your local ‘Gym-Rat’ with Edwin

Title : Thoughts of your local ‘Gym-Rat”

Blueprint: Jim Time is a podcast dedicated to the world of going to the gym. It provides a natural feel to the art of lifting and reveals a first hand experience of time in the gym. Unlike other gym related podcast, Jim Time takes place in the gym and hopes to motivate other gym-goers, and those considering of joining.

One liner: Jim Time speaks on all things ‘gym’ and opens up the world of the gym to all of its listeners.

Episode One Liner : Let’s get this Work In! An interview with Alfred Lim

Questions: What was your first thoughts about going to the gym? What are you feelings before, during and after a workout? What got you into the gym in the first place? Where are you headed in regards to your physique? Do you think many people should workout? Any tips and pointers for those starting? What kind of music you listen to while working out? And what are your thoughts on th gym community today in social media?

My goal for this podcast is to liberate any lingering confusing feelings about people who go to the gym. In this episode I would interview a local gym goer that I have got in touch with at my local gym. This interview would take place in real time at the gym and real dive deep into the energy one has while their workout has begun and really expose listeners to the reality of ‘Gym -rats.” This episode would also hope to motivate other regular gym-goers who will feel the same way.

Kate Chen Interview Podcast

– Motives: The podcast would be a casual hangout type. Just two friends getting together at the end of the day to discuss whatever happened that day or recently. It’s like recording our conversation for a podcast, but with a theme which it usually doesn’t have but we’ll make it work. For this interview episode, we’ll be getting to know my co-host. We’ve recorded a past podcast for a different class of hers before and it went pretty well, so I’m going to use that as a pre-interview.
– Blueprint: Melo is Not in Style is a casual chitchat/daily recap podcast that just wants to have a chill rewind time, to feel like being in our living room with us. It’s for people that want some sort of background noise, or an escape from a tired day. Unlike actual news, we’ll talk about how annoying our students have been lately and just have a casual laugh.
– I think the one liners for every episode can have the format of “what’d _____ do today?” and the over one-liner can just be “whatchu you do today?”

Blueprint 2/17

Eduardo Ibanez

Beyond The Airways will be a sincere and conversation-driven podcast where I interview an employee in the aviation industry and what his experiences were in trying to enter the field in a post-covid world. These stories are for those prospecting individuals trying to enter the field of aviation maintenance as well as aviation enthusiasts just wanting to know a bit more behind the field. Unlike other aviation-related narratives, BTA will follow the rookie’s journey and the issues of relocating away from home, and the complex politics of airline mechanic employment.

Title- Beyond The Airways

Possible one-liner for the episode- Syed has returned home after his employment as a regional airline mechanic. The city that never sleeps sits down with him to hear his story.

Possible one-liner for the series- Beyond The Airways follows the personal journeys of employees across the aviation field of maintenance.

Additional information- I have already sat down in a pre-interview with my friend Syed Rahman and we went over the recording format and areas of discussion that would generate a sincere and informative interview. We are setting the date for the actual interview sometime next week and he is very excited to join me in conversation so that’s making things a lot smoother on my end. My friend has recently returned from his two-month employment as an Endeavor airline mechanic in Columbus, Ohio.

Some of my questions-

Why Ohio of all places?

Were you ever afraid or nervous in the interviewing phase for the job?

Do you think school helped you prep for the actual experience out in the field or were you working from step one?

What were you doing before that made you realize the aviation path is the one that you wanted to follow in its entirety?

Do you remember back to our high school days were we all talked about signing up with Delta and JetBlue and all the first-pick jobs right out of graduation? Do you still believe that?

My image is still a work in progress but I definitely want to insert a wrench or toolbox ha


Torri Little

Blueprint: Being a teacher is not easy, we don’t really get to hear or see the day-to-day actions of what goes on in a school. Teachers are strong and are preparing our youth for the world. This podcast is to bring awareness to the things teachers really must go through and how they feel with all the things that are happening with our youth all over the world. Also, to give some insight to future teachers.


One liner for podcast: Shoutout to the GOATS, greatest of all teachers!

One liner for episode: The Ins and Outs Of Teaching.

Interview Questions: 

  1. Where do you work and what grade do you teach?
  2. Are you currently enrolled in college?
  3. How do you feel about your job?
  4. What made you want to become a teacher?
  5. What does a regular day consist of for you as a teacher?
  6. How would you describe some of the students in your class?
  7. Do your students make you proud to be a teacher?
  8. Were you a teacher before covid? If so, how has covid affected being a teacher for you?
  9. Is there any violence among students in the school where you work?
  10. As a teacher, how does hearing about school shootings affect you?
  11. What are some things you’ve learned about teaching that you wish someone would have told you?
  12. What advice do you have for future teachers?
  13. What is one thing you wish you could change within the school system?

My goal for this podcast is to give teachers some recognition for the hard work that they put in. I know teachers are given their flowers, but the things that they go through in the school are not always talked about. My target audience for this podcast would be teachers and future teachers. I want teachers to be able to listen and really feel and understand the words coming from another teacher because they are also living it. I want future teachers to have a sneak peek of what’s to come. Even though not everyone’s experiences are the same, most are experiencing some of the same situations. 

Blueprint 2/17

Title: Age of Influencers

One Liner: Arianna Arce’s Age of Influencers analyzes how the surge of social media influencers impacts our every day lives.

Blueprint: Age of Influencers is a podcast that provides insight on the impact and power social media influencers have in today’s day in age. It is for social media users who are interested in becoming influencers or simply understanding how they are so heavily influenced in their day-to-day lives by influencers. This project analyzes the difference between the period before social media was introduced vs. today.

CoLLege MaMi – Interview Blueprint


College Mami is a podcast that gives you fun and real stories about moms living through their college experience, it provides a sense of community unlike your typical college podcast our project talks about the challenges and triumphs that College moms encounter. 


College Mami College 


College Mami provides you with essential information, advice and inspiration for college moms to flourish.

For this interview I will interview a college mami of two. We will talk about some of the challenges she has had to face. What happens in a typical day and what advice she would give to moms who may be facing similar challenges. I’ve already spoken to the person I will be interviewing and we decided not to do a pre-interview or talk about any of the questions to have a more organic conversation. I haven’t decided how or where the interview will take place but because moms are busy, it may have to be a zoom call or other platform.

I want the tone of my podcast to be fun, inspiring, and positive. A place where moms can be themselves without being judged.

Some of the questions I had in mind:

  1. What do you do in a typical day?
  2. What are you hoping to achieve ?
  3. Why are you in college?
  4. What are some of the challenges or obstacles that you’ve had to face?
  5. If you could go back in time, would you have finished college before kids?
  6. Do you think that being a mom has benefited how you are as a student?
  7. If you could give one piece advice to another college Mami what would it be?
  8. Do you have any mom guilt for going to college and spending time away from your kids?

Target audience:.

College moms