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Group Projects: Tuesday, March 28

  • Choose one or two elements of good story ideas described by Abel and Glass and describe how they are at play in your chosen episode.
  • Be prepared to talk about your own story ideas, no matter how tentative.
You’ll be doing group presentations for Tuesday’s class. You’ll work with the same groups you were in for the previous episode. (See below) Your job is to choose a conversation episode of a podcast you all find interesting and break it down for the rest of us.
With that in mind, you should contact each other and come to a decision about the episode you want to choose—something interesting to all of you. It can be an episodes of a show we’ve listened to as aa class, but not the episode we listened to. Or it can be something you choose on your own. Once you’ve chosen, send me a link.
Once you’ve chose, you should all listen and take notes, with time stamps. It’s up to you whether you want to keep communicating during that process. For your notes, pay attention to the elements of audio storytelling we’ve been talking about:
  • Moments where guests or hosts tell compelling stories
  • Motive
  • Visual description / narration
  • Suspense
  • Empathy / connection
  • Humor
  • A story leading to an idea
  • Roles of those in the conversation (expert / student / curious person / other)
  • Elements of sound design that propel the story
  • Conclusions (resolutions / unresolved questions or issues)

You’ll have fifteen minutes to prepare your presentation and fifteen minutes present. You should discuss some of the elements listed above and choose at least two clips for us to listen to as a class.


Ariannna, Holden,  Carlos
Angelina, Monica, Kristina, Edwin
Tatjana, Shmyah, Eduardo, Loida
Alessia, Grazelle, Torri, Kate

For Class Thursday, March 23

Come to class prepared with notes and time stamps on the following storytelling elements in the episodes of Even the Rich and Code Switch we’re listening to:

—Moments where guests or hosts tell compelling stories


—Visual description / narration 


—Empathy / connection

—A story leading to an idea

—Roles of those in the conversation (expert / student / curious person / other)

—Elements of sound design that propel the story

—Conclusions (resolutions / unresolved questions or issues)

Tuesday’s Class

For Tuesday’s class, I suggest watching Ira Glass on storytelling first (see Calendar). Make notes about his most significant points about how good storytelling works—especially audio storytelling. 

Then, listen to the two assigned podcast episodes. Note moments where they use moments of storytelling that resonate with what Glass has to say. Note the time stamps. We’ll discuss all this in class, with an eye toward how to tell a good story in your conversation episodes. 

We’ll be on Zoom. Try to be in a place where you can turn on your camera and play close attention.

“That Teacher Talk”-Good Talks With G

Good Talks With G, is a podcast that speaks about anything and everything. You name it! For this episode, I’ve invited my good friend Paula, who’s currently teaching young kids and is on her way to graduating as an Early Childhood teacher. We will be talking about what her journey was like having a sudden shift of career interest in her early years, to talking about the the challenges she still faces as a young teacher for this new generation.

The Ins And Outs Of Teaching is a safe space for current and future teachers!

Torri Little Interviews Teacher, Janiela Lindsay.

Being a teacher is not easy, we don’t really get to hear or see the day-to-day actions of what goes on in a school. Teachers are strong and are preparing our youth for the world. This podcast is to bring awareness to the things teachers really must go through and how they feel with all the things that are happening with our youths in school. Also, to give some insight and advice to future teachers.

For Class Thursday, March 16

First, congratulations on developing, producing, and editing your first episodes!

Your next one will be a conversation episode, so we’ll start talking about and listening to examples of those now. For class tomorrow, prepare the following:

1. Listen to the episode of Switched On Pop about BTS—a discussion episode, like the ones you’re creating next. As you listen, note how hosts play certain roles—for example, the expert and the novice. 

2. Read Chapter 9 in Weldon’s NPR Podcast Startup Guide, on Audio Storytelling.

3. Choose a moment from the chapter that makes you think in a new way about audio storytelling—or give you ideas about it. I’ll ask you to share these with the class. Think about whether or not the idea you choose from the chapter is at play in the Switched on Pop episode. 

Permanent Visitors Episode – Final Cut – Shmyah Hoppie

“Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie”

“Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie” looks for understanding rather than the answers to some of today’s most uncomfortable questions.

“Permanent Visitors” takes a look at the current phenomenon behind Transplant Culture with former New Yorker,  Shar Bell, who has experienced it all firsthand.


Born and raised in New York City, 25-Year-Old Shar Bell has found herself miles away from what she calls home. As thousands of non native residents settle into the Big Apple, she can’t help but to suggest that this new reality has caused the separation. New York City has always attracted newcomers, But to many natives as of late, it has felt like the transplant community has become a conflicting force to NYC culture. And it isn’t just NYC, “ Transplanting” has been a hot topic for many other urban cities/areas across the country. In this episode, we learn how “Transplant Culture ” has altered the lives and experiences for city natives like Shar.


Guest Interview – Shar Bell

Music Credit :” Vibes by AHOAMI 

Produced and Edited by Shmyah Hoppie

Unlacing our Shoes – Our Guiding Light Dimmed with Jayden Seraphin

Unlacing Our Shoes is a podcast focused on humanizing athletes, challenging the listener to think about the psychological aspect of athletics, not just the entertaining end result.

Holden Velasco sits down with Queens College men’s basketball player Jayden Seraphin to discuss the impact of both their mothers passing.

Jayden Seraphin is a captain on the Queens College men’s basketball team, having played on the team for two years. Seraphin has won awards for his performance on the court, but today he’s speaking with Holden Velasco about a life-altering experience that happened to both of them off the court. The passing of their mothers. Seraphin and Velasco exchange their experiences while Seraphin goes into depth about the emotions of being a successful college athlete without a mother.

Music Credit: “Dahlia” and “An Old Shadow of Mine” by Headland.