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Organizing Your Files

Be sure to make a folder for all the “assets” you’ll use for your episode. It’s a good idea to make subfolders too: Narration, Interviews, Active Sound, Ambient Sound, etc. Once you take a sound file and load it into Audacity, be sure not to move it from the folder it’s in.

You should name your files so you’ll recognize them, like such:

Intro New Lady Narration
Intro Music bed Sunny Day
Segment 1 Arrival narration
Segment 1 Ambient sound: chirps and clucks
Segment 2 Sound Effect Alarm
Segment 2 Narration
Segment 2 Active Sound New Lady Screech


Podcast Ep. 1 – Journey & Insight of an Influencer

Impact of Influencers is a podcast where discussions are held around the impact social media/influencers have on the rest of society, along with some insight of what goes on in the life on an influencer. For Ep. 1, I sat down with Jenny, who has a following that is just under 300k. Jenny gives us some insight into how she got started and offers some advice to people who would like to start influencing in today’s day and age.

The College Dorm Podcast, Episode One, “Insomnia and the College Major”

The College Dorm Podcast follows the daily college student life in and outside the college dorm from students and campuses across the country!

On today’s episode, host Eduardo Ibanez explores the issue of sleep err, better yet the lack of sleep reported by over 70% of college students. Eduardo sits down with three college students, two still enrolled, and creates a conversation surrounding the interlinked relationship between the lack of sleep college students faced dramatically determined by the student’s major. Majors such as architecture, finance, computer science, and nursing tend to suffer from sleeping disorders, the common culprit namely insomnia.

Each guest will speak on their experiences with insomnia and what tried methods and opinions experts and the students have worked on to finally get at long last every college students greatest wish, a good night’s sleep,

Music credits,

Night Owl by Broke For Free

Courtesy of WFMU-FM

Ep. 2 Impact of Influencers – Discussing Burnout With TKN Editor in Chief – Holden Velasco

Impact of Influencers is a podcast where discussions are held around the impact social media/influencers have on our daily lives and what goes on behind the scenes in the life of an influencer.

Gen-Zers are burning out. We all fall victim to “hustle culture” and seeing everyone celebrate their success on social media (on a daily basis.) In this episode, Arianna Arce sits down with Holden Velasco to discuss his own experience with burnout while acknowledging how social media plays a role in why we give in to “hustle culture.”

In this episode, The Knight New’s Editor-In-Chief gets candid about how burnout has effected his wellbeing. We discuss how social media plays a role in his competitiveness and his drive to make Queens College’s school newspaper the best of the best, in terms of CUNY Colleges throughout New York.

Home Sweet Home

Where you came from and how you speak doesn’t determine where you’ll end up.

On this episode of Home Sweet Home, Torri Little shares her story of her childhood. 

The way Torri Little grew up and what she has been through has shaped her to be the person she is today. She shares her experiences and explains how speech therapy has helped her from her childhood to her adult life.