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Blueprint: The pandemic generation is a Podcast that shows the effects of covid 19 from a teacher’s perspective for parents, and outsiders who don’t understand the effects that online schooling, and lack of social interaction has on young children. Unlike articles showing a one-sided narrative, this podcast shows a first-person view of how it has been to work with children before, during, and after the COVID 19 pandemic hit.

Title: The pandemic generation

One liner for episode: An in depth look from a teacher’s perspective of what it has been like to work with kids growing up in a pandemic world.

One liner for Podcast: How growing up in a pandemic and post pandemic world affects kids, teenagers, and adults physically and mentally

Interview Questions:

What grade do you teach and how old are the children in your class?
How long have you taught in this grade?
What is the biggest difference that you see in children since before the pandemic, throughout the pandemic, and now entering the post pandemic world?
How do children act socially since being back in school full time? How is this different from how children were socially before schools shut down?

My goal with this podcast is to shed some light on the negative impact that being fully online had on children and still has on children. The target audience for this podcast is people who are interested in effects of covid that do not directly have to do with physical sickness. There is a lot of negative effects of covid that have to do with outside the human anatomy and they are not talked about enough. There is inflation, children who have very low social skills, and adults and teenagers who heavily rely on technology and smart phones. In this episode we will be discussing the difference that teachers have seen in young children since transitioning back to in person learning.  

4 thoughts on “Blueprints

  1. Torri Little

    Hi Angelina, your blueprint is one of the first few I read and instantly it stood out to me. I’m not a parent or a teacher yet but I was a student and I do have nieces and nephews. I really like your topic because through the pandemic I’ve felt like going to school online has definitely had some drastic changes for both students and teachers. Though it was the best circumstance for the situation we were in, I do feel like the negative affects have not been talked about enough. I can agree that since the pandemic I am way more dependent on technology so I can only imagine how its affecting the children.

    I like that your one liner, title and questions are straight to the point and right topic. I think this will be a great conversation for your episode. I would listen to this podcast especially due to the fact that I’m going to be a teacher I think it would be very informative.

  2. Edwin (He/him//his/)

    Hey Angelina, I really like your title I think you should keep it! Also, I would like to add that it seems like there is no indication of who’m you may be interviewing so I am wondering who it may be. Unless, I missed it somewhere. But besides that, your episode gives a very wide understanding of what you want to say and how you want to say it. So if I may include, I am wondering what your stance on the matter will be? Will you let your guest’s opinion take major importance or will you air out the room and leave space for the wider opinion that includes yours? Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Monica Sarduy (She/Her)

    Hi Angelina, I love that you’re focus on the teachers perspective for the podcast in this particular episode. I wonder if the one liner should reflect just this episode? But that’s totally up to you! Your questions are really well thought out and I’m very interested in learning more from this episode about the teachers perspective. It would be interesting to find out what goes on in the faculty room… do they discuss the differences together? I would like to hear about if they have helped students with loss or mental health issues during this time.
    So excited to listen!!

  4. Kristina Dawoud (she/her)

    As someone who’s majoring in Elementary/Early Childhood Ed, I LOVE your idea for this podcast! I feel like a lot of people focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected students but rarely spoke about how it may have affected educators. I really like how you kind of turn the tables and direct the focus on educators since their experiences is just as important as the students. I would love to listen to a podcast like this because I work with children who were affected by the pandemic and I can tell school’s a lot more different for them than it was when I was in elementary school (and I’m sure a lot of educators would agree). I also really like your title!


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