College Road Trip- *rough cut*

I had to separate the intro from the interview due to technical difficulties… rough cut

College Road Trip is a podcast that focuses on the experiences and hobbies of different college students throughout the country.  My goal from this podcast is to learn about the life of President elect of all Male Acapella group, “The Dear Abbeys” as the “Ambassador of Fun”, Ty Rena. We recorded this on our home from Boston after a fundraiser show, this episode would also highlight the importance of the charity. The target audience for this podcast is definitely other college students, especially those interested in particular clubs. 

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  1. Kristina Dawoud (she/her)

    I really like your intro!! It adds suspense, especially towards the end, which is what will keep your listeners at the edge of their seats. I think your volume sounds a little too loud for me, so I would tone it down just a little bit. Also, when you mention the rest stop, the audio cut out a little bit so I would fix that. I think your questions allow for Ty Renna to expand into other topics. Your first question, for example, allowed for them to talk about how making friends during the pandemic was difficult and how “not many people talk about that” (which is so true! And I’m sure a lot of listeners would agree). I think it’s interesting how there’s 18 members in this particular acapella group! It makes me wonder how lines are distributed; is it like a chorus where there’s 4 sections (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass)? I’m also curious on how a male acapella group works because I’ve seen Pitch Perfect so I somewhat have an understanding, but men’s vocal ranges are lower than a women’s vocal range, so I want to know how the vocal ranges come into play. I like how “men being manly” was given a new meaning for the fundraiser. I’m understanding that Ty Renna’s acapella group already gets a bad rep (which is so unfortunate) so I love how they’re breaking those stereotypes for men. I think your length is pretty good so I would definitely keep that! If you plan on doing an outro, I think mentioning the acapella group’s Instagram (if they have it) would be beneficial to the listeners (and to me because I want to see some performances from the group!) You also have to credit where you got the music from in the outro.


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