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Anime Creators Podcast: A Deep Dive Into Hajime Isayama’s Colossal Rise in Anime History!

On today’s episode, host Eduardo Ibanez discusses with anime expert Kennedy Moran the hit manga turned anime, Attack on Titan, and creator Hajime Isayama’s Colossal Rise in Anime History!

With the final season of Attack on Titan coming to its end later this year, we take a look back into the creator himself, Hajime Isayama, and his humble beginnings before becoming a manga artist icon and creator of the most celebrated anime of our current generation. Isayama, who himself had quite the evolution from high school manga artist to then creating a one-shot precursor of Attack on Titan which won recognition and fame for his first ever publicly published work, we follow Isayama’s artistic trials and unhappy Internet cafe days where his perseverance and determination to continue his manga passion would propel him to manga stardom status within and beyond Japan. This and more on today’s episode of Anime Creators Podcasts!

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Note: All sound clips and music used in the episode are credited to the anime Attack on Titan and its respective soundtrack

The Swiftcast : Episode 1: The Ticketmaster Mayhem

On this episode of the Swiftcast, Alessia Pisicchio sits down with Marisa Kratzke to discuss what happened the day(s) of the the Era’s Tour Presale(s). One friend succeeding at getting tickets and another deceived by the promise of the CapitalOne sale left there to be confusion when thinking of how precise you had to be to secure tickets to the show.

With the corruption of the presale, Ticketmaster had left thousands of fans without tickets with little to no explanation. Comparing strategies and talking about what each’s experiences were like in the presale, this conversation is guided through the love of Swift’s music that both will remember all too well. Both informational and truthful, exploring the events that took place during the presale helps those who did not get tickets get a glimpse of what was on “The Other Side of the Door”.

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College Mami Episode 2: Is your child getting too much screen time?

Tj is a college mom of two navigating through college and learning how to balance being a college student and a mom. College Mami gives moms a platform to discuss different topics and gives college moms a sense of community where they can discuss freely and without judgement how they’re adjusting to college life as a mom.

In this episode I talk to my 8 year old daughter about what she thinks about limiting screen time..(14 hours !), why she doesn’t see kids playing outside, and why kids are bored.

See the link to the CDC recommendations on screen time.


Monica Sarduy sits down with Lindsay Lovarco and Kelsey Laverty. They dive into the Housewives “bravo-verse” head first and discover that there is more than what you see on your TV; by discussing outside factors like editing, their personal lives, and the complexity of the friend/coworker relationship.

Music credit: “Showdown” by Muza

Unlacing Our Shoes – Teachers on the Court with Dennis Velasco

Unlacing Our Shoes is a podcast focused on humanizing athletes, challenging the listener to think about the psychological aspect of athletics, not just the entertaining end result.

Holden Velasco sits down with Dennis Velasco, the Memphis City Director for Pro Skills Basketball, to discuss the culture of coaching youth basketball.

Dennis Velasco is the Memphis City Director for Pro Skills Basketball (PSB), a youth basketball program. As a Jr. NBA Flagship organization, PSB’s main goal is to develop their players and provide the best experience possible for their players and families. Velasco talks about how PSB does this, as well as the backwards culture in AAU basketball, among other relevant topics. Bringing decades of basketball knowledge, Velasco shares his insight on what it’s like coaching youth basketball.

Music Credit: “These Dreams” by Arlo Young and “Mover” by Carvings. Supplementary music is “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” by Jimi Hendrix and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

Editor’s Note: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was featured on Nirvana’s album “Nevermind” which was released in 1991, however Grunge music and Nirvana were gaining popularity in the 1980s.

T with the Tea Podcast

Looks can be deceiving so can you tell the real from the fake?

On this episode of T with the Tea we discuss the “realness” of “the giant on a hill” video on Tiktok.

With the technology we have today anything is possible, so we must ask ourselves “do you believe what you see?” it’s hard for people to know if what they’re seeing happened so on this episode we analyze the information given and what we see in the video.


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Mysterious Giant Spotted in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Guy ends up dead. Coincidence or not? 🤔 #fyp #podcast #andrewdawsonconspiracy #andrewdawson

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