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Kate Chen Interview Podcast

– Motives: The podcast would be a casual hangout type. Just two friends getting together at the end of the day to discuss whatever happened that day or recently. It’s like recording our conversation for a podcast, but with a theme which it usually doesn’t have but we’ll make it work. For this interview episode, we’ll be getting to know my co-host. We’ve recorded a past podcast for a different class of hers before and it went pretty well, so I’m going to use that as a pre-interview.
– Blueprint: Melo is Not in Style is a casual chitchat/daily recap podcast that just wants to have a chill rewind time, to feel like being in our living room with us. It’s for people that want some sort of background noise, or an escape from a tired day. Unlike actual news, we’ll talk about how annoying our students have been lately and just have a casual laugh.
– I think the one liners for every episode can have the format of “what’d _____ do today?” and the over one-liner can just be “whatchu you do today?”