Blueprints- College Road Trip

Title of Episode: College Road Trip with Ty Renna 

One Liners: Monica Sarduy’s College Road Trip, showcases how different the lives of college students are, all while driving on an epic road trip. 

BluePrint: College Road Trip is a podcast that focuses on the experiences and hobbies of different college students throughout the country. 

Interview Questions: 

Why did you decide to join an acapella group, and did you think that it would change your life as much as it did? 

What’s your favorite song from the setlist? 

Can you talk about the fundraiser you selected for your last show? 

My goal from this podcast is to learn about the life of President elect and “Ambassador of Fun”, Ty Rena. As head of the “Abbey’s” all male acapella group at Boston University, this episode would expose just how influential extra curricular activities are in college. We would record this on our home from Boston after a fundraiser show, this episode would also highlight the importance of the charity. The target audience for this podcast is definitely other college students, especially those interested in particular clubs. 

3 thoughts on “Blueprints- College Road Trip

  1. Angelina D’Orta (She/her/)

    I think this is such a fun idea! It reminds me of pitch perfect, and I would personally love to listen to it because it is real life and I want to know if there are similarities to the movies. I am honestly really excited to hear this, the only concern I would have from the recording aspect is the noise of traffic in the background, but I am sure with editing it will end up being okay.

  2. Edwin (He/him//his/)

    Hey Monica, I like your topic so far and really hits home on the ‘unique’ aspect. It feels quite fleshed out but I think it would help out a ton if you include more information on this ‘setlist.’ I feel like it would be much appreciated if you could ask maybe a question as to why that setlist was so important or how it was made in the first place. I think in a group a setlist was made by everyone that was apart so I would like to know how all of those minds got together to create it. And I think what make this episode more interesting is by including this group’s performance in the podcast in some way or maybe little snippets of Renna performing while you talk about it. Also, for this episode’s one liner maybe consider using Renna’s favorite song in the setlist to make it ‘pop.’

  3. Kristina Dawoud (she/her)

    I really like your title! From what I’m getting, this reminds me a lot of Pitch Perfect so I’m really excited to listen to your podcast. I also think it’s interesting how you’ll be recording in a car; I think (depending on where you drive), you would be able to get really interesting background noise (like cars honking for example). I think you can ask your interviewee more questions about the setlist before asking about their favorite songs. Maybe ask how the setlist was developed, who created it, etc. Overall, I think you’re off to a good start!


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