BluePrint : Thoughts of your local ‘Gym-Rat’ with Edwin

Title : Thoughts of your local ‘Gym-Rat”

Blueprint: Jim Time is a podcast dedicated to the world of going to the gym. It provides a natural feel to the art of lifting and reveals a first hand experience of time in the gym. Unlike other gym related podcast, Jim Time takes place in the gym and hopes to motivate other gym-goers, and those considering of joining.

One liner: Jim Time speaks on all things ‘gym’ and opens up the world of the gym to all of its listeners.

Episode One Liner : Let’s get this Work In! An interview with Alfred Lim

Questions: What was your first thoughts about going to the gym? What are you feelings before, during and after a workout? What got you into the gym in the first place? Where are you headed in regards to your physique? Do you think many people should workout? Any tips and pointers for those starting? What kind of music you listen to while working out? And what are your thoughts on th gym community today in social media?

My goal for this podcast is to liberate any lingering confusing feelings about people who go to the gym. In this episode I would interview a local gym goer that I have got in touch with at my local gym. This interview would take place in real time at the gym and real dive deep into the energy one has while their workout has begun and really expose listeners to the reality of ‘Gym -rats.” This episode would also hope to motivate other regular gym-goers who will feel the same way.

3 thoughts on “BluePrint : Thoughts of your local ‘Gym-Rat’ with Edwin

  1. Angelina D’Orta (She/her/)

    I think this is a great idea and you are processing it nicely. I like the idea of interviewing someone who goes to the gym with you and the specific questions that you are asking them. I think often times online we only see people who have already established the physique that they want, and they are giving people mindless information about working out that doesn’t always work. I think interviewing someone who is in the process is a great idea and it will get people to listen. I think the one liner is also great, it includes the interviewees name, and it shows what the podcast will be about.

  2. Monica Sarduy (She/Her)

    I love this idea I think that the fact that this interview will take place in a gym is great! The audience that you have opened up for yourself is gym-specific but can also be open to others interested in going. I think this podcast can be very motivational to many, including the interviewee. Im sure most people in gyms would love to answer questions about something that they are really working towards. The one liner is really good as well, its simple, catchy, and motivational.

  3. Kristina Dawoud (she/her)

    I love your titles! I think those titles would pull people in and wanting to find out more. I also like the idea of you conducting your podcasts at the gym itself; I feel like most podcasts are usually done in a studio so you going to the gym makes for unique background noise and let’s the listeners experience the interview as if they were eavesdropping. I also like your questions! I think these questions allow you and your listeners to get on a “personal” level with your interviewee. Though I don’t consider myself a “gym-rat,” I would listen to this podcast to possibly give me the motivation to go to the gym more (as your goals/motives aims to do).


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