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Multiple First Days with my Best-Friend Darwin

On this episode both Darwin and I have a discussion about first days at the gym and how such a day has impacted us so far! I am telling the story of many first gym-goers as some may have lived the same day. Listen in on our conversation as Darwin explores his gym-memories as we end up on key takeaway as to why so many first-days end up being so prevalent.

When Gym Rats Talk!

Edwin Ramirez is the host of When Gym Rats Talk! It is a podcast dedicated to everyone and anyone considering whose life is appointed to the gym. Every episode will take place at the gym and during gym hours where any listener will get a full sense as to how a “gym-rat” thinks and feels! This is When Gym Rats Talk!
On this very first episode of When Gym Rats Talk! I hold an interview with Alfred Lim a gym-buddy of mine to get full insight of his experience with time at the gym. I will interview him on his thoughts and opinions as we briefly explore topics associated with his gym life! Anything goes in this interview as we explore many topics about weightlifting and its art as a whole!

When Gym-Rats Talk – Rough Cut
The cover image is not done yet I still have something else in mind and some more edits I need to do. Thinking about including more music and adjusting the volume some more.

BluePrint : Thoughts of your local ‘Gym-Rat’ with Edwin

Title : Thoughts of your local ‘Gym-Rat”

Blueprint: Jim Time is a podcast dedicated to the world of going to the gym. It provides a natural feel to the art of lifting and reveals a first hand experience of time in the gym. Unlike other gym related podcast, Jim Time takes place in the gym and hopes to motivate other gym-goers, and those considering of joining.

One liner: Jim Time speaks on all things ‘gym’ and opens up the world of the gym to all of its listeners.

Episode One Liner : Let’s get this Work In! An interview with Alfred Lim

Questions: What was your first thoughts about going to the gym? What are you feelings before, during and after a workout? What got you into the gym in the first place? Where are you headed in regards to your physique? Do you think many people should workout? Any tips and pointers for those starting? What kind of music you listen to while working out? And what are your thoughts on th gym community today in social media?

My goal for this podcast is to liberate any lingering confusing feelings about people who go to the gym. In this episode I would interview a local gym goer that I have got in touch with at my local gym. This interview would take place in real time at the gym and real dive deep into the energy one has while their workout has begun and really expose listeners to the reality of ‘Gym -rats.” This episode would also hope to motivate other regular gym-goers who will feel the same way.