When Gym-Rats Talk – Rough Cut

The cover image is not done yet I still have something else in mind and some more edits I need to do. Thinking about including more music and adjusting the volume some more.

1 thought on “When Gym-Rats Talk – Rough Cut

  1. Kristina Dawoud (she/her)

    I LOVE the music!!! It has a beat that sounds like something I might use while working out (for example, doing reps along with the beat if that makes sense). In terms of volume, I think you sound a lot louder than your interviewee (I LOVE the sounds of the machines/weights during your interview because it puts the listener in you/your interviewee’s shoes and it doesn’t detract from the podcast). You can level out the volume in Audition so you guys sound relatively equal. I like your intros a lot! I think the music helps keep me engaged and I’m sure other listeners may feel the same. I like how you started your interview with the mention of leg workouts because I’m someone who enjoys that particular workout myself but hates the pain I feel the next day. I’m sure a lot of gym goers can relate. One thing I think you ask your interviewee to expand on is “legs help your physique.” How does it help? Why is leg day so important? (gym goers might know this info already, but for the audience who’s working out for the first time it could help).

    I like how you make your questions personal-focused; meaning you make it so it allows your interviewee to open up and talk about their experiences. I feel like a lot of gym goers can relate to a lot of things your interviewee mentions in this episode. It’s interesting to hear your interviewee mention how there’s no set image in their mind on how they want their physique to look like because my brother’s more of a gym goer than me and he has the image in his mind on how he wants to look (and many others most likely have that image as well). I think your last question for your interviewee should be where you ask them for tips to give to new gym goers… I would cut and paste your audio around and rearrange your questions so the podcast can flow a little better. I also think it’s a little too long for me (even though I enjoyed listening to the entirety) so maybe trim it down (up to you though!).

    I know it looks like I’m writing a lot (I’m sorry!!!) but I hope when you rearrange things you keep the “is the gym a safe place for you?” question and the answer because I feel like a lot of women who go to the gym have had the experience of men staring at them at least once, and it’s reassuring to hear that the gym can be a safe place that’s welcoming and kind for a lot of goers. The part where you talk about tagging your interviewee can be cut and credited for the outro (ex. you can say “if you want to see Alfred’s progress check out their Instagram @[username]”). I also really like your outro! The motivational message at the end really adds flare to the podcast. That being said, you can trim how you wrap up the interview with Alfred because it sounds a little repetitive.


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