Concert Talks with Kristina: Why We Love Concerts

Concert Talks with Kristina is exactly what it is: conversations on all things concert related hosted by me, Kristina Dawoud.

Want to know why we feel the way we do at concerts? Find out by listening to the first episode of Concert Talks with Kristina!

On the first episode of Concert Talks with Kristina, I dive into why we feel the way we do at concerts. From the speakers booming to the artist gracing the stage with their vocals and choreography, multiple sense are at work… but how? Take a listen!

Music provided by Jackson Wang’s Magicman concert at Barclays Center on May 11th, 2023. Here’s the link to Berkeley B-Side’s article on “Why you love concerts”:

La Lingua e La Vita ‘Life and Language’ – Il Dialetto di Siciliano Stai Mureno ‘The Sicilian Dialect is Dying’

On this episode of Life and Language, Alessia Pisicchio explores the Sicilian dialect and why it seems to be dying out in Sicily but expanding in other places in unique ways. She tells her story about what it was like traveling to Sicily and not being able to fully communicate with cousins her age because of the language barrier between proper Italian and the Sicilian Dialect. She continuously became curious as to why this has happened throughout the remainder of the trip. Alongside others perspectives including her mom, Rosalia Pisicchio and cousins Daniela DiSclafani and Giovanni Battista Cangialosi, their stories help express what is happening to the Sicilian Dialect, giving it much needed attention. Throughout modern society in Sicily, it is discovered how the language seems to create a barrier preventing newer generations from using the Sicilian dialect as their primary language. This podcast explores why this occurs and will continue to over future generations. The sicilian language is dying but, can it be prevented and saved?

Music in this episode comes from creators, Mario Carbone Richard Sclafani and Richard Petsi.

“ Unbought and Unbossed ”

Podcast : “Tell me more with Shmyah Hoppie

Episode One Liner:  “ Unbought and Unbossed “ highlights the Black Woman leading at our very own Queens College and takes the time out to hear their stories. 

Episode Description : As an exemplary leader, Shirley Chisholm prided herself in opening doors not just for herself , but leaving it open behind her for new ones to come. With a population of Black Women below 5% at Queens College – Makayla , Deborah and Carmine have refused to let their names and voices remain in the margins. By following the likes and works of Shirley Chisholm , these women have ushered themselves into a life of infinite leadership 

College Mami Episode #3:The Glass Ceiling

Tj is a college mom of two, navigating through college and learning how to balance being a college student and mom. College Mami gives moms a platform to discuss interesting topics and a place for colleges moms to have a sense of community.

The Glass Ceiling:

In this episode, I discuss Michael Deng a CUNY Baruch College student. He was from Flushing Queens NY and the only child to immigrant parents. Deng was just finishing his first semester at Baruch College. He went away with other students to the Poconos but never returned. What happened to Michael Deng?

Two Latinas and their differences

Race, food, culture; let’s talk about it. For todays podcast, we are going to talk about what it’s like looking and being culturally different in a predominantly white community. I sit down with Deborah who is a long time bestfriend and neighbor of mine. Together we will discuss all of the challenges that we faced growing up Latinas.

Unlacing Our Shoes – The Why of Working Out

Unlacing Our Shoes is a podcast focused on humanizing athletes, challenging the listener to think about the psychological aspect of athletics, not just the entertaining end result.

Holden Velasco sits down with three unique members of the gym community to discuss the ‘why’ of what they do.

Holden Velasco has been going to the gym his whole life, but Velasco wants to understand the ‘why’ of what he does there from different perspectives. Velasco speaks to: Dennis Velasco, his father and a gym veteran, David Kim, an old high school rival and amateur powerlifter, and Brandon Smith, a personal trainer at an award-winning gym. Together, their stories paint a picture of the ‘why’ that is seen throughout the gym community.

Music Credit: First song is “Bleach Blonde” by Ryan James Carr. Second song is “Straight Up Holy” by SINY. Third song is “Always Pass it On” by Spring Gang. Fourth song is “The Sky Changes” by Alan Ellis. Fifth song is “Moodring” by Ryan James Carr. Outro song is “The Proven” by Sons of Hades.

The Aftermath: Attachment Styles

Podcast: The Aftermath

Title Episode: Attachment Styles

Podcast One Liner:  “The Aftermath” is a podcast that investigates and discusses solutions to problems of the 21st century.

Episode One Liner:  This episode discusses the three types of attachment styles and how they affect relationships.

Episode Description: Why are some people comfortable in relationships while others are anxious and insecure? Why do some people avoid their partners? In this episode, Alessia and Carlos discuss the different attachment styles as described in Rachel Heller and Amir Levine’s Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find and Keep Love.

Organizing Your Files

Be sure to make a folder for all the “assets” you’ll use for your episode. It’s a good idea to make subfolders too: Narration, Interviews, Active Sound, Ambient Sound, etc. Once you take a sound file and load it into Audacity, be sure not to move it from the folder it’s in.

You should name your files so you’ll recognize them, like such:

Intro New Lady Narration
Intro Music bed Sunny Day
Segment 1 Arrival narration
Segment 1 Ambient sound: chirps and clucks
Segment 2 Sound Effect Alarm
Segment 2 Narration
Segment 2 Active Sound New Lady Screech


Multiple First Days with my Best-Friend Darwin

On this episode both Darwin and I have a discussion about first days at the gym and how such a day has impacted us so far! I am telling the story of many first gym-goers as some may have lived the same day. Listen in on our conversation as Darwin explores his gym-memories as we end up on key takeaway as to why so many first-days end up being so prevalent.

” Caption This” – Shmyah’s Podcast 2

Podcast: “Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie”

Title Episode : “Caption This”

Podcast One Liner:  “Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie” looks for understanding rather than the answers to some of today’s most uncomfortable questions.

Episode One Liner:  “Caption This”’ takes a look at the realities of ubiquitous social media usage with special guests and avid social media users, Nathaniel and Alexa.

Episode Description : Social Media has increasingly become the norm for many Generations and Communities. As a Gen Z,  it is expected that our lives exist within a timeline. But in more recent years, I personally haven’t known that to be exactly true. Or maybe that’s just what I like to tell myself. In this episode, My two close friends, Alexa and Nate, get candid about their social media experiences and habits and we learn just how much our lives are invested into Social Media.