The College Dorm Podcast, Episode One, “Insomnia and the College Major”

The College Dorm Podcast follows the daily college student life in and outside the college dorm from students and campuses across the country!

On today’s episode, host Eduardo Ibanez explores the issue of sleep err, better yet the lack of sleep reported by over 70% of college students. Eduardo sits down with three college students, two still enrolled, and creates a conversation surrounding the interlinked relationship between the lack of sleep college students faced dramatically determined by the student’s major. Majors such as architecture, finance, computer science, and nursing tend to suffer from sleeping disorders, the common culprit namely insomnia.

Each guest will speak on their experiences with insomnia and what tried methods and opinions experts and the students have worked on to finally get at long last every college students greatest wish, a good night’s sleep,

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Night Owl by Broke For Free

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