Ep. 2 Impact of Influencers – Discussing Burnout With TKN Editor in Chief – Holden Velasco

Impact of Influencers is a podcast where discussions are held around the impact social media/influencers have on our daily lives and what goes on behind the scenes in the life of an influencer.

Gen-Zers are burning out. We all fall victim to “hustle culture” and seeing everyone celebrate their success on social media (on a daily basis.) In this episode, Arianna Arce sits down with Holden Velasco to discuss his own experience with burnout while acknowledging how social media plays a role in why we give in to “hustle culture.”

In this episode, The Knight New’s Editor-In-Chief gets candid about how burnout has effected his wellbeing. We discuss how social media plays a role in his competitiveness and his drive to make Queens College’s school newspaper the best of the best, in terms of CUNY Colleges throughout New York.

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