Blueprint: A Little Bit of Everything and Anything with G (Grazelle-2/21)

Title: A Little Bit of Everything and Anything with G

Blueprint Background: A Little Bit of Everything and Anything with G is a podcast that targets the idea of life in general. This includes people of all ages and generations. This is a deep dive into what we can learn from each other at any time and place. The world is constantly evolving, and this podcast is the root to keep an open mind for everything and anything. 

Target/Audience: All ages(gen x-gen z, maybe even generation alphas) 

Setting/Sound/Background: This interview would take place at a comfortable area,perhaps sitting on the table and drinking coffee, or sitting at a couch. 

Music Background: Soft Jazz music or instrumental piece for the intro

“Episode One Liner” for the Episode: For this episode, Grazelle(G) will be discussing the career and life choices that made them become the person they are today.  

More Information: 

For this interview, I’ll be interviewing a soon-to-be graduate, Paula, who will be graduating as an Early Childhood Education/Special Education teacher. I thought that this first episode should start about educators/teachers since they are,after-all, what influences most of our childhood in school.  Paula is also currently working as a teacher to young kids and is pursuing her interest towards that goal. For this interview, we will discuss the benefits, the struggles and why teaching became a career choice for her. 

“One Liner” for the Series: A little bit of everything and anything with G offers various topics for all listeners to enjoy and learn about one another. I want this podcast to be a place where all listeners can relate to. A podcast where each episode is a new topic, a new genre and a new set of ideas. 


  • Did you always want to become a teacher? 
  • What sparked your interest in becoming an educator/teacher? 
  • Were there times when you regret teaching and hoped for a different career instead?
  • Be honest, do you really love kids or did you choose that career for the ‘benefits’?
  • What was your “First Day Of Teaching” like? Was it how you expected? Or Worse?
  • I know working with kids is not easy, especially their attention span, so how do you manage to have them listen to you or keep their attention only to you? 
  • As a teacher, do you believe in standardized tests? Why or why not?

1 thought on “Blueprint: A Little Bit of Everything and Anything with G (Grazelle-2/21)

  1. Torri Little

    Hi Grazelle, I really like your topic especially since I’m going to be a teacher. You seem to have everything planned out and I think this will be a great podcast. The setting the music sound like a great vibe and the questions you have for your first episode is straight to the point and will make great conversation. I like the concept that each episode will be a different topic about life, which can be topics that a lot of people will be able to relate too. I would definitely listen to this podcast and I can’t wait to see how it comes out!


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