Shmyah’s Podcast Blueprint

Podcast: “Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie”

Title Episode : “Permanent Visitors”

Episode One Liner:  “Are you from New York even ?”  “Permanent Visitors” takes a look at the recent upsurge of  NYC residents who have only just moved to the “Big Apple”, and whether it threatens or enriches the city’s culture?

Podcast One Liner:   In a time where everything in our society has become so intensely bilateral, “Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie” offers is a safe space for some very uncomfortable conversations and perspectives.

Interview Questions:

  • What attracted you to NYC?
  • What been your experience in NYC
  • Do you think the pandemic caused the upsurge
  • What are the five boroughs? Have you been to all ?
  • Do you think the NYC transplant is the cause of Gentrification ?
  • Do you think that Locals and Transplants share the
  • Does the rising non native population threaten true NYC culture
  • How long would you say you have to live here to be considered a New Yorker?
  • Does the nyc native push back contradict the NYC “ Motto” of inclusion, diversity and safe spaces, considering its home of so many immigrants and built communities


“Tell Me More with Shmyah Hoppie ” is a podcast that discusses the unpopular, controversial, and opposing opinions of today’s society . The “Permanent Visitors” episode is for New Yorkers who are experiencing the city through a hybrid community of both natives and non natives. New York City has always been attractive to newcomers.  But in recent years the non native population has become a dominating force in NYC culture, creating tension between the groups despite them residing amongst each other.  Unlike social media discourse on the Transplant crave,  our podcast takes a look into the culture and experiences of the two residents and their claim to New York.
Episode:  My motive for the episode is to examine the new transplant culture of NYC and how it has impacted the experiences and dynamics of being a “New Yorkers”. I hope to educate non natives on their ubiquitous influence and urge natives to be more open. Maybe ? In general, I would like the episode to be a diffuser to the heated divide. My primary audience would be NYC residents. Regardless of origins, I think that anyone who currently lives in New York City should engage with the topic of the episode because it is something that interacts with all of our experiences within the city. I think that there is a cultural divide between native and non native New Yorkers , therefore everyone would benefit from at least hearing the other side . Also, there might be some new yorkers who aren’t even aware that this is currently happening in their city, therefore it could educate many New Yorkers. My secondary audience would be the non- native residents in other urban areas. This isn’t just an NYC issue. Many other urban and metropolitan areas have seen an increase in residents of other states relocating to those communities. Surely, there is some level of  disconnect for the natives and newcomers. They would be a target audience for the episode. My main interviewee for the episode would be my friend Stella Mboma, who is from Texas by way of Minnesota. She moved to NYC for Undergrad at NYU and has been in the city for a little over a year now. Another possible interviewee could be a New York native. It would be good to offer the perspective of the trend, who has known and grown up in Nyc. Some sound design that I can use is the sound of the MTA trains ,the sounds of the busy city streets, and news sound bites about the NYC population and economy.

2 thoughts on “Shmyah’s Podcast Blueprint

  1. Eduardo Ibanez (he/him)

    This is a very strong and engaging topic that you have a clear concept and grasp of. A quick suggestion as for the second person to interview, maybe you can grab a native college student from QC or another CUNY school (doesn’t have to be CUNY) to contrast their experience with your friend. You can even flip the questions on the second person and ask them if they were the person coming to live in the city what their reactions to living in a city like NYC would be like. You can then compare to see if it is similar or different to your friend’s answers and form a conversation between both opinions.

  2. Tatjana Razai (she/her)

    I really love this idea and feel that you can have a large following and audience. You’ve really thought it out and have a clear idea about your episode and podcast. I think that your sound ideas will really work for the podcast. Overall I just feel like this whole idea is great and can’t wait to hear your episode.


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