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Eduardo Ibanez

Beyond The Airways will be a sincere and conversation-driven podcast where I interview an employee in the aviation industry and what his experiences were in trying to enter the field in a post-covid world. These stories are for those prospecting individuals trying to enter the field of aviation maintenance as well as aviation enthusiasts just wanting to know a bit more behind the field. Unlike other aviation-related narratives, BTA will follow the rookie’s journey and the issues of relocating away from home, and the complex politics of airline mechanic employment.

Title- Beyond The Airways

Possible one-liner for the episode- Syed has returned home after his employment as a regional airline mechanic. The city that never sleeps sits down with him to hear his story.

Possible one-liner for the series- Beyond The Airways follows the personal journeys of employees across the aviation field of maintenance.

Additional information- I have already sat down in a pre-interview with my friend Syed Rahman and we went over the recording format and areas of discussion that would generate a sincere and informative interview. We are setting the date for the actual interview sometime next week and he is very excited to join me in conversation so that’s making things a lot smoother on my end. My friend has recently returned from his two-month employment as an Endeavor airline mechanic in Columbus, Ohio.

Some of my questions-

Why Ohio of all places?

Were you ever afraid or nervous in the interviewing phase for the job?

Do you think school helped you prep for the actual experience out in the field or were you working from step one?

What were you doing before that made you realize the aviation path is the one that you wanted to follow in its entirety?

Do you remember back to our high school days were we all talked about signing up with Delta and JetBlue and all the first-pick jobs right out of graduation? Do you still believe that?

My image is still a work in progress but I definitely want to insert a wrench or toolbox ha

2 thoughts on “Blueprint 2/17

  1. Tatjana Razai (she/her)

    I really loved your title, I think that its really clever and very catchy. Your questions are good but I think that if you get a little deeper you can get a really good story. I think that your one liner for your podcast could have just a bit more information for your target audience.I think that your target audience could really appreciate your podcast , and the stories could really inspire people who are looking to get in the aviation field.

  2. Shmyah Hoppie (She/Her)

    I think instead of “ Beyond the Airways” you should maybe name it “ Under the Airways” or “ Below the Airways” because it is about the life of Syed outside of his job in his ordinary life here on ground. I think your episode would benefit from some really cool audio of plane engines and takeoffs. I really like how you aren’t looking at the general experience of an aviator but specifically Post-Covid. It seems like you have an open curiosity and lack of knowledge for the topic, which I think is really good because It will make the audience feel as if you are learning right alongside us. I look forward to hearing your episode.


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