Blueprint 2/17

Title: Age of Influencers

One Liner: Arianna Arce’s Age of Influencers analyzes how the surge of social media influencers impacts our every day lives.

Blueprint: Age of Influencers is a podcast that provides insight on the impact and power social media influencers have in today’s day in age. It is for social media users who are interested in becoming influencers or simply understanding how they are so heavily influenced in their day-to-day lives by influencers. This project analyzes the difference between the period before social media was introduced vs. today.

2 thoughts on “Blueprint 2/17

  1. Holden Velasco (he/him/his)

    I think the concept of the negative impact of social media influencers would interest me more. I think speaking about this from both sides of the argument would be great. Maybe interview Professor Jamie Cohen on the subject, as he’s extremely passionate about social media and its affect on society. I think an episode solely focused on the negative aspects besides the obvious would be great.

  2. Carlos E. Montoya Jr.

    Hi Arriana, I think people will be interested in this type of podcast because there more and more influencers now than a few years ago. Your description has me wondering if the influencers are committed to making people’s lives more positive or if it has hurt people’s lives. Some people see influencers and the lives they live and they become jealous because they are not in that situation. I remember during the pandemic when I lost my job, i saw a lot of influencers talking about how they were making so much money and had easy going lives but sometimes that is not true or a reality. Sometimes they do not provide a clear path to getting to that point…. see right now you have me on a rant talking about my experience that means the topic is good. I didn’t see the questions, what questions were you thinking about asking?


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