Arianna Arce’s Podcast

Title: Age of Influencers

One Liner: Arianna Arce’s Age of Influencers analyzes how the surge of social media influencers impacts our every day lives.

Blueprint: Age of Influencers is a podcast that provides insight on the impact and power social media influencers have in today’s day in age. It is for social media users who are interested in becoming influencers or simply understanding how they are so heavily influenced in their day-to-day lives by influencers. This project analyzes the difference between the period before social media was introduced vs. today.

I will be interviewing my cousin Jenny (this Thursday after class *officially*) who has had a large following ever since the MySpace days.

My questions for Jenny are:

Can she make a living off of influencing?

How many hours does it take her to film content?

Does she think its important to have a niche?

Does she think influencers are going to become less important as time goes on?

What tips does she have for people who want to grow a following right now?

How have things changed for her over the years, from being “MySpace famous” to having a huge following on Instagram?

How did her content catch Rihanna’s attention? (Who invited her backstage)

Does she see herself doing this forever?

What impact does she think influencers have on the rest of the population?

Do companies typically have a better ROI after working with her?

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